(bitter)sweet poison

sweet poison rushed through our veins
we were greater than all the gods
danced through the Milky Way
towards infinity and wrote holy kisses
into the universe of our artificial paradises

(185 Characters incl spaces)



To my sweet dream
You, bird of paradise
Would you take me ?

(58 Characters incl spaces)


The Mind

Paradise is in the mind
when asleep
we sometimes find
a wisp discerning
dissolving like a morning mist

(118 characters incl. spaces)


Familiar Paradise

my familiar paradise
is curled on the bed
languid body
moving seductively
inviting me in
I’m helpless to refuse

(139 characters incl. spaces)


Silver Night

silver night
wings in flight
unseen rise past
death’s dim sight
to the perfect light
of paradise!

(97 characters incl. spaces)