The Sea

I look at the sea,
feeling it within my veins.

What percentage of me
is ocean, trapped inland
by flesh –

a landscape that can
foster life and
begin creation?

(164 Characters incl spaces)


Ocean’s Song

The ocean picked up,
The rhythm of its waves,
The moon started,
To sing with its rays,
The night played with the earth,
with its silent gaze.

(142 Characters incl spaces)


Become New Again

As the waves continue to crash
The tides still push and pull
The current will not drag me under
I am a new person
I will not let the sadness win.

(145 characters incl. spaces)



Falling into your ocean,
I’m keeping my arms crossed:
to disappear without a trace,
not a single stroke to surface…

until I’m forever nestled in your bosom.

(159 characters incl. spaces)



the prow ploughs liquid furrows
and shares the life of oceans,
jumbled and empty.

(81 characters incl. spaces)