In silence
A noise, slides
White in texture
Dark in form
For nothing is nothing
But something
To be born.

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For 35 dollars this ironic singing fish could be yours! Put it on the mantle! show your friends! You’re a chump and everyone knows it.

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I know nothing?
Nothing; what you feel for me.
Nothing; the numbness when pain is too familiar.
Nothing; what I’ve become.
I know something; I know ‘nothing’.

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something heard

nothing to hide
nothing to fear
nothing left to the imagination
nothing to suprise a lover with
nothing gained
nothing lost

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The Blind

All your sufferings,
Setbacks pale into
Insignificance, when
You see the Blind
Taps in front of you.

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Beyond Nothingness

Admiring break in the interval-
deepening of consideration to a standstill¸At last is true that the total lack of anything
does not exist as actual condition´

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Groundhog Day

Daily day not to sway
nothing different to be found
walk the walk
hug the ground
keep it cool
hum drum sound
screaming now

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