The Constant Change

Nothing seems to be like something that used to be prior before
Everything has changed
Everything seems different
Definitely, it’s change that seems constant.

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When a suspicion is there in the mind, it remains as it is
Nothing goes above or below it’s level
Questions are raised
Doubts need clarification
Life goes on.

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Absolutely Sure

Better to be late than never
Better to enjoy the rains than to pain and suffer
Nothing for sure
Nothing for certain
Absolutely nothing at the present moment.

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Moving against the tide

There is nothing much to worry when the future remains uncertain
The real test of strength comes dealing not only the odds, but also during odd period of time.

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childhood memories
stolen from her over time
returned years later
when his mind has nothing left
to lose

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I’m Tough

I say
(often, and to myself)
I am nothing but unaffected
(by your hair, your eyes)
but I am just as weak
(your smile strikes, slays!)
as I suspected.

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