he screams in the night
then startles himself awake
no one else heard him

(82 Characters incl spaces)


The night continues

Nothing else comes to mind
Absolutely nothing

Even the moon in the sky can be seen clearly
Time flies
Night continues

Worries and expectations remain in mind like prior.

(171 Characters incl spaces)


already rotten

the cemetery is covered
with night and silence
she lies on the grave
pressing her face
into the moist ground
her sweetheart is already rotten
and heaven is a faraway place

(175 Characters incl spaces)



in my sleepless nights
when all birds are silent
I can sometimes hear
the droning gallop
of the apocalyptic horsemen

(116 Characters incl spaces)



As night devours the day’s bright light
And bent, exhales the night,
Fine memories of those whom lived
Shall dance in dream’s fair sight.

(137 Characters incl spaces)



he was..
a gardenia scented
dark Savannah night…

(70 Characters incl spaces)