Falling slow
in motion
like the ocean
rolling waves
splashing crashing
over & over
currents undertow
coming back
w/ the flow

(125 Characters incl spaces)


The Sea

I look at the sea,
feeling it within my veins.

What percentage of me
is ocean, trapped inland
by flesh –

a landscape that can
foster life and
begin creation?

(164 Characters incl spaces)


Myself and others

Walking in winter is a struggle
for #myself and others. Our
legs creak in concert with old
oak branches, we squint
when snow pack thaws to fog.
Winter taunts us. Spring is
just another season.

(192 Characters incl spaces)


An In-Depth Look

The more you go into details of anything
More intense & detailed will be the nature of everything
Level of interest, knowledge and involvement then matters.

(156 characters incl. spaces)


The wind howls so much,
I should call it a

Sounds like a pack of spirits,
trapped on Earth,
too heavy
to ascend.

(126 Characters incl spaces)