It’s a #gift that can not be
wrapped in ribbons and bows
It’s the #gift of the love
All Mothers should know

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Fresh from flesh, bud from blood
First gasp the sound of motherhood
A gaze of love lit on her face
To last her all her days

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I hear the squeal of bats in the distance,
scold Lucy for chasing something
around the dark backyard,
rush her inside. A scared mother
has scented a warning.

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Domestic silence

Mother-in-law & wife as well
seem to have the jaws of hell
pub ward now I quickly wing
Silence is a treasured thing

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#micropoetry #veryshortstory


Mother: harbinger of life
fountain of knowledge
receptacle of experience
benefactor of love
sea of compassion
altruistic to the core!

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