Photons from the sun
Despite their lack of mass,
Have been eaten by my morning rose.

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morning birdsong
I accept grace in the moment
watch you sleep
let my love for you silently #reach
into an endless horizon of sunlight

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Look into my eyes
Every morning when i wake
Warm my body as i enter into sleep
Don’t ask can’t say
Sophistry or probity
But look again into
My eyes when i wake

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Come Back My Love

Every morning the red sun rises
Worm & bright
But evening comes
& the dark cold night
Finds me alone
When shall we be two?

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early morning walk
in the cold..
sky broken
in shades of pink…

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Another Dawn on the Delta

Simply shared and sharing simply. We rock back and forth racing the sunrise with our aging eager eyes. One cup will not do. It takes two to tango down this road

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special song

days into camping
the morning slam
of porta-john doors
becomes another song
with the birds & insects

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