From winter to spring
From heat to frozen
From moon to sun
From light to dark
I didn’t know what direction I was going
Only that I couldn’t wait to get there

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The moon and a young man

The moon hiding its other side within a beam… I stand there, a young man, a forlorn, and wait by myself you, the dark-haired woman, with a face no longer mourn.

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The night continues

Nothing else comes to mind
Absolutely nothing

Even the moon in the sky can be seen clearly
Time flies
Night continues

Worries and expectations remain in mind like prior.

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Release Me

U say U love me
More than I do
U talk about us
Like I’m the princess
And U’re my hero
U disappear a century
Then U appear once
Like a full moon

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at the moon tonight
Tom Petty is dead and gone
thank you for sharing

r soos

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Time Unchanged

Celebrate a new day starting at sunset
Celebrate a new month at new moon
Celebrate a new year starting in spring
Celebrate time as it was in the beginning.

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Ocean’s Song

The ocean picked up,
The rhythm of its waves,
The moon started,
To sing with its rays,
The night played with the earth,
with its silent gaze.

(142 Characters incl spaces)