make, re-
make a moment
words are mush,
esoteric mush
& images are fickle.
blue becomes red on the Rubik’s cube,
click, snap
and all that’s left
is the #glow

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Chilled Embrace

In your embrace,
how I’d be yours
so quickened and chilled
by the rush of your blade
in such irresolute moments.

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Tempus Fugit

Time unravels quickly around me.
Sand sifting through grasping fingers.
I reach for a moment, but it slips away.
How did I get here?

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#micropoetry #veryshortstory

who cares the time

what time is it?
I don’t know
but I do know one thing
wanna know too?
all we have
you and me and all beings
is the moment
look around
its a gift, now!

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