days gone by
why so much pain
a friendship strong
now silent & gone

how are you?
love you too!
echos beyond time
voices we remember

a shattered heart’s cry
imbued with sadness
one by one
yellow petals fall
from old dry roses
swept far away..
memories yesterdays

(265 Characters incl spaces)



I miss not looking back
On fleeting moments
Just hours later
With a painful reminiscence.


(142 Characters incl spaces)


You Disappeared

You disappeared from me
My obsession
The light in my soul
My beating heart
Now silent
Missing you
The darkness holds me
As I weep alone again

(141 characters incl. spaces)


Missing him

like inhaling
rotten weed
bile in your throat
a lump
chest tightening
night frightening

(107 characters incl. spaces)



We’re waiting here for you
You left so long ago
It’s hard to remember
You said you’d soon return
We’re waiting here for you
It’s hard

(133 characters incl. spaces)



I stood by the ocean
missing you..
while seagulls screamed

(78 characters incl. spaces)


lost forever

Where did silence go?

With those unknown strawberry fields
out into for ever

do the kids these days even care
what they are missing?

(134 characters incl. spaces)