Poets make mirrors
Into rose-tinted shades that
The moments made for you.

(91 Characters incl spaces)


In the Mirror

In the mirror
I saw a reflection of you
So much like mine;
It was a mirage
And now I am blinded
By the glare
Of your transformation;
All a hallucination.

(153 Characters incl spaces)



watery spot
cover the mirror
hazy image
he wipes
in the shade
can’t hide
the rotting ripeness
blocked off or picked up by sun
resurrect gloom
buried in the face

(160 characters incl. spaces)


Tea Kettle

her tea kettle
no longer whistles..
she looks in the
and puts on lipstick…

(83 characters incl. spaces)



beneath Art Deco City Hall
of urban melting pot
oblivious to the beauty around him

yellow striped bee makes love
to my sideview mirror
dancing with himself

(157 characters incl. spaces)