Who Won The Toss?

Few things remain in mind, which need to be recalled again with time
Rules of the game they don’t change
Better continue playing keeping the same thing in mind.

(160 Characters incl spaces)


Kids Without a Care

for being for living
skateboarding in a building
blocking a car
going far
having a drink
not old enough
do they care
do they mind
who are they

(147 Characters incl spaces)


Hope remains in existence

There is always a way out to present with regards to how things shape in future
The light we see around us has got a reason
Hope remains
Time flies
Life continues to present moment in mind.

(190 Characters incl spaces)


The night continues

Nothing else comes to mind
Absolutely nothing

Even the moon in the sky can be seen clearly
Time flies
Night continues

Worries and expectations remain in mind like prior.

(171 Characters incl spaces)


Paused for a while

Once in a while
Skipped the mind
No, it was not a deviation
An illusion had gathered in mind
Paused for a while
Regained to the present moment in time.

(181 Characters incl spaces)


Fragile Silence

Early morning
Little or no noise outside
Peace of mind
Let the moment remain in mind forever
Difficult to experience same moment through rest of the day.

(154 Characters incl spaces)