Magical Moss

Magical moss, preternaturally bright ~
one touch and the fairy world is revealed.
Touched twice and the real world disappears.

(126 Characters incl spaces)



The light of day
makes gentle play
for icicles on the brink;
of darting to earth
& severing ties
like comets
or broken hearts.

(127 Characters incl spaces)



Wind rushes across
the lake like a wave of praise
stirring the waters.

(72 Characters incl spaces)


Peace of Mind

As and when
In fact whenever there is somethng that bothers the mind
Something that concerns the mind
Then it is peace of mind on the list of priority for sure

(160 characters incl. spaces)


Toxic Touch

Walking the shadows
Bandaged in a blanket
Avoiding touch
Seems I am corrosive
When I love another

(99 Characters incl spaces)


In the Mirror

In the mirror
I saw a reflection of you
So much like mine;
It was a mirage
And now I am blinded
By the glare
Of your transformation;
All a hallucination.

(153 Characters incl spaces)