Sometimes right is wrong.
Some speed with wrongs to right.
Who’s right? The strife is strong.
Maybe all we need is light.

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I had a sense of each presence
While you presented your image of me
I drew a self-portrait with sharp grey point
#Maybe you’ve seen what I want you to see

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Word Choice

I can’t-
I don’t-
I’ll fail-
I won’t-
I’ll eschew negativity
for today, choosing
coupled with “someday”

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Our Chaotic Selves

Maybe love will save ourselves
But we’re simply not ready,
We love the chaos in our lives
And we’re not ready to let it go.

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False Feelings

Maybe this feeling of love is not real
Maybe love it’s just made up
Made up by beautiful moments
Moments at the edge of madness and chaos.

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Maybe if I didn’t care,
Maybe if I couldn’t feel,
Maybe if you weren’t in there,
I could turn my heart to steel.

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