To the Moon and Back

I’d travel to the moon and back‬
‪To watch you wake at dawn‬
‪To see you cuddle in our blankets‬
‪To rumple up your hair‬

‪But time can’t change the craters‬
‪The endless tears or scars‬
‪The void that stands between us‬
‪The emptiness we share‬

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How to raze a…

Another threatening cry,
“I’m setting myself on fire,
till unto death burn I!”

as the children shudder.

(“Fire”? Well, this “home” is constantly under…)

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His dashing smile
Was reason enough for her
To walk with him the aisle

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she screwed
in a light bulb and
all night
for her husband it
was magic
what she
did with electricity
and verve

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