there’s passion

between us

but we stay blind

we keep our urges

deep inside

we are tempted

to touch each other

but we stay deprived

(137 Characters incl spaces)


Last Words 1

The branches part one by one,
to let me pass they fall and lay both ways.
They cut a path from me to you,
till it’s only you I see…

then you cut through me.

(160 characters incl. spaces)


Waking up with you

When I see your face in the morning
bathed with warm sunlight,
I don’t remember night,
I’ve no idea of night,
I know not night.

(128 characters incl. spaces)



And soon we’ll pass each other by,
with nary a nod.

At dusk, two lonely ships at sea,
for a moment merge as one silhouette,
keep drifting away from the other.

(160 characters incl. spaces)


secret signs

a bony elf
paints secret signs
in darkest night
on city wall
his art is lit
by sparks of desire
from lovers
in a laneway bar

(124 characters incl. spaces)