Locked in a Cage

Deep beneath your surface
Where no one else can see
Your heart, locked in a cage
You threw away the key
I will never give up
Never…can’t you see
Relentless I will love you
Your heart, I will set free

(201 Characters incl spaces)



daybreak painting a tin star
autumn leaves and stepping stones
a long goodbye amid raindrops
not a single reason for sadness
drying my tears happy endings

(157 Characters incl spaces)



The Earth moves slow
Deep sadness begins to grow
Steady tears just flow
Your eyes show
What my heart already knows
that you’re gone

(131 Characters incl spaces)



what was going through your head when you met me?

what were you thinking?

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(125 Characters incl spaces)


Love Is A War

There is something
That i can’t understand
Something blinds me
When i look into your eyes
It makes my heart tremble
Can’t help it I’m sweating

(148 Characters incl spaces)


Leave me be, please..

And I watch everything which surrounds me
and suddenly everything resembles to you
It hurts to see
because you’re everywhere
from the mountains, to the sea.

(156 Characters incl spaces)



My unsured approach,
it’s a sign,
that my love’s fear,
just say you,
that my passion
is deep, my dear.

(103 Characters incl spaces)