Later on, it was realized love is the only thing that remains in life all the time
Odds and opportunity are part of life
Will remain in life

(140 Characters incl spaces)



Dream is………..

Unconscious fantasy and phantom,
Wakeful vision to touch the horizon,
Ongoing drama of life and death……

Within the realm of Conscious self.

(166 Characters incl spaces)



Like water flowing
over timeworn rocks,
I am weathered
by the constant grind
Hoping that I,
like the rocks,
will be cultivated
into something
more beautiful

(157 Characters incl spaces)


In Memoriam

Knowing not where to begin,
And just how hard it all has been;
We will always feel within,
The love and grace of Marilyn

(123 Characters incl spaces)




synthesize my death
singing me to a deep sleep
under a rock cliff

r soos

(83 Characters incl spaces)



End is what you have thought
Start is what you have got
Love is what you have thought
Life is what you have got

(111 Characters incl spaces)