He is

He is emotionally…
and deprived
yet he remains so passionate about finding love.

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Winning and losing

Always it depends on how we look at everything that surrounds us and is part of our life
Positive attitude and right approach will separate winners from losers.

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Bona Fide

His penetrating eyes,
honest words and
direct actions helped
her understand the
true meaning of

Bona fide doesn’t even begin to describe.

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Mesmerized by my own
simple thoughts of you
How could I even forget
the day you turned my life
Into something new

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Get a Clue

While living in this world don’t let what people say about you affect you, I know that’s easier said than done, what you go through does anyone even has a clue

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Quiet Storm

Her soul is
a gorgeous mess
where calmness and
chaos reside.

Something like a quiet storm.

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Wait for a Moment

Wait for a moment
Let things get settled
Let each and everything get settled
Wait for a moment
So much depends on the right moment of time in everyone’s life.

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Dig and Dive

Dig and Dive
Jump and Jive
Earth slowly blowing it’s last breath
Ain’t it good to be alive?

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