I miss the days when the wind carried our laughter with it. It must have taken you along with it, to a place where the laughter lives.

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Laughter bubbles up
from the inside
a place deep and eternal;
laughing at myself
I discover it’s reminiscent of
surrounding yourself with sunlight

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I Love

I love
Running my fingers
through your hair.
I love
the warm laughter
that comes from within your heart.
I love how
the hugs you give me
Tell me you trust me.

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Rumbling Thunder (tanka)

long rumbling thunder
shakes the earth, as lightning
flickers thru the clouds
uneasy laughter attends
our strained embrace

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The Way Home

Laughter spills into puddles
that would reflect our fury
if not for wildly stomping feet.
We dance in the rain.

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