Content Is The King

Trends change
Pattern changes
Style changes,
importantly content must not get disturbed.
Content must remain same as it was thought
Content is the king

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Thoughts Of Ghosts

Dancing In The Night
Like A Proud Knight
Queen Of The Palace
King Of The Horses
look into the Clouds
Smell Of Blood
Smell Of Sheep
wondering the pastures

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health care

sunlight pours torrents of colors
through the stained glass dome
of a city where wholeness is king
& youth queen
above a forgotten realm
of the old & broken

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I sit and I listen
To the clock in the kitchen
Lording as king
Over each living thing
As it measures the flight
Of day into night

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bloodletting in
footsteps of kings
a dollop

of charm leavened
with sincerity
hint of concern

don’t look
at his crimson feet
or hands

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