Leave me be, please..

And I watch everything which surrounds me
and suddenly everything resembles to you
It hurts to see
because you’re everywhere
from the mountains, to the sea.

(156 Characters incl spaces)


so ..

So swift i can’t touch
so naive i cant love
so kind i cant hurt
so wild i cant snatch
so true i cant learn
what makes me addicted
to you the convicted

(150 characters incl. spaces)


Plum Tree

wind hurts the
plum tree..
beautifully broken
it offers my window
it’s blossoms…

(83 characters incl. spaces)


Open Within

She told me she could only hurt like a cactus.
I told her, i’ll take her thorns,
Because within,
She has what I need the most.

(128 characters incl. spaces)



Opportunity plays in slow motion
The outcome is never the same
The weapon of choice is a notion
That love is the name of the game

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