The challenge
is not the will, the ability, or the strength
It lies within the hope, the faith, the belief
in yourself

(118 Characters incl spaces)



Dreams & desire
An uncertain future
An experience from past haunts again in present
Hope gets rekindled in present

(114 Characters incl spaces)



O lover of mine
to your heart, long is the line
ever I’ll be waiting
for your love or hating

(92 Characters incl spaces)


Boundaries and Fate

Hope that things turn out to be what they were thought of initially
Everything turns out to be right
Beyond imagination lies desire, which has got it’s own life

(160 Characters incl spaces)


A well defined goal

Never wait for that moment in life when things will be alright
Overa period of time it will be realized that hope, ambition & expections are part of life.

(155 Characters incl spaces)