I hold onto
My plagiarised positives
A Möbius strip rerun
Of broken record lessons
I’ll do better next time.

(108 Characters incl spaces)


Fragments of Me

like a spider clinging
to her web as it blows
away in the breeze
I hold on to the
fragments that
once were me

(112 Characters incl spaces)


Eight Ball, Corner Pocket

Wonder in a magic eight/Questions of an unknown fate/Will it be decided so?/Sources tell me yes and no/Shake it; hold it upside down/Watching dice a shiny crown

(160 Characters incl spaces)



You hold me and
I #melt into you..
your pain becomes
my pain..
I suffer for you…

(83 characters incl. spaces)


High as a kite

To #hold
The string tightly
When winds test our fabric,
Lifting our dream to a place we
#hold dear.

(99 characters incl. spaces)



You have been relinquishing me
My sacrifices you hold
Within myself and sacrifices, I fold
The secrets I keep will never be told

(126 characters incl. spaces)



hold me..
teach me how
to leave you..
I have to you know…

(59 characters incl. spaces)



covered in raindrops..
each one
holding a blossom…

(63 characters incl. spaces)


We Are

we are..
the wind and the sea..
unable to hold back…

(54 characters incl. spaces)