High Places

There are high places
Where greatness awaits
Those who brave the climb.
But the wise men say
It is braver by
Far to conquer the
High places inside.

(151 Characters incl spaces)



rise with me forever,
rise with me high enough,
let the moon question your sanity tonight,
let the stars be in awe of your madness.

(134 characters incl. spaces)



In space and time,
We must find,
What’s inside, to make us fly.
Rise up high with no limits,
I can’t see your skies.

(117 characters incl. spaces)


Satalite friend

Sputnik, my friend,
that’s what the boys called him,
always high, see? Back then
Now They don’t call him anything,
no time, my friend

(133 characters incl. spaces)


Breath of Wind

The wind breathes
into clouds on high
then sets a course
for oceans wide.
It blows breath
into sails of ships
on seas
where albatrosses bide.

(141 characters incl. spaces)



Climbed high
Reached for the sky
At the summit
Sensed I would plummet
Down the abyss
To splatter the surface
Quenching me
And my acrophobia

(141 characters incl. spaces)


To reach the goal

Play fast and loose?
Get high?
Full strength larger chilled?
Or abstain till later
For a moment
of faster higher stronger?

(123 characters incl. spaces)