Cut Here

An execution, you’re writing,
Black hooded, drawn, my death.
Inked retorts, though hidden,
Function to keep you with breath.

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Hidden Places

I don’t like the rain
It wears at my being
The gray and cold
Creeping into
Places long hidden
Washing away parts
Of me I’ve come to bear

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the mast with it,
and ferrule at the waist
hidden. when sun
on hiatus elongates
the shadows cup size
and a grayish green
trailer practices haiku.

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it was them,
there, in the edges,
hidden behind the bushes,
never, never us,
here out, into the
lightness, them, them, them.

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#micropoetry #veryshortstory


Oblivious pond
Fish tail flashes, unaware
Exists little known

Oblivious bass
Sheltering trees, hidden pond
Wild life all its own

Double haiku 5-7-5 / 5-7-5

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