The Lie

A lie that I gave up everything for you;
I’ve kept my capacity for pain…

Now I’m sure you knew about it
all along…

(119 Characters incl spaces)


Love Letters

A thousand paper-cuts
A thousand folded creases

Blueprints of your heart
Blueprints to mend my soul

Indelible as ink
Indelible as you

(135 characters incl. spaces)



I love you foolishly
without thought of
and always with
the pain
of first heartbreak…

(97 characters incl. spaces)


I Set You Free

Pain wracked sobs
Shoulders heave
Heartbreak deep
Into soul it weaves.
Yet I rise above
my Hellish plea
Thru my tears
I set you free.

(133 characters incl. spaces)



She lay shattered and broken. Grief swamped her. Heartsick and lost. She breathed be last and vanished into thin air.

(134 characters incl. spaces)