Locked in a Cage

Deep beneath your surface
Where no one else can see
Your heart, locked in a cage
You threw away the key
I will never give up
Never…can’t you see
Relentless I will love you
Your heart, I will set free

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Hollow hearts

Hollow hearts lie fallow beating. Foreign to truth’s octaves & peace’s justice. Their decapitated arms unable to embrace “other”. Hollow hearts follow blindly.

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(213 Characters incl spaces)



The Earth moves slow
Deep sadness begins to grow
Steady tears just flow
Your eyes show
What my heart already knows
that you’re gone

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Love Is A War

There is something
That i can’t understand
Something blinds me
When i look into your eyes
It makes my heart tremble
Can’t help it I’m sweating

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as the breeze
picks up
I pull the sky
scented sheet
up over us
our hearts and
windows open

(92 Characters incl spaces)