The Earth moves slow
Deep sadness begins to grow
Steady tears just flow
Your eyes show
What my heart already knows
that you’re gone

(131 Characters incl spaces)



The desire of being at the centre
Pushed me to the periphery.
Now the desire is gone
And periphery engulfs me.

(110 Characters incl spaces)


He’s Gone

he’s finally gone
I have stolen the
who from all the
and I brace myself
for as yet
an unfelt sorrow

(109 Characters incl spaces)



To forget ourselves
Like waves spent on sandy shores
Our footprints are gone

(76 Characters incl spaces)


Two Months

are tales of you enough?
doesn’t feel like it but it’s been two months,
I can still feel the air in church,
hear your mother’s sobs,
can’t believe you’re gone.

(160 characters incl. spaces)



A momentary lapse
Mindless distraction
And fatefully went in
the opposite direction

(83 characters incl. spaces)



between the lines
where I’m gone
no one else belongs
thoughts undermined
by my mind I devise
if I let no one in
where would we
then begin

(137 characters incl. spaces)



A slash strewn in the midnight sky
marked white across her peering eye,
looking up, and like a ghost was gone
in all the currency of madness.

(142 characters incl. spaces)



We’re waiting here for you
You left so long ago
It’s hard to remember
You said you’d soon return
We’re waiting here for you
It’s hard

(133 characters incl. spaces)