Tender Feelings

Tender feelings
built of glass;
Innocent heart
raised with class.
Exposed to Internet
rogues and trolls,
glass shatters
and hardens souls.

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Tom Collins

Tom Collins..
sitting with me
on a porch step..
sipping twilight
from a tall glass…

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Heavy metal
Throwing stuff through glass walls
Until tired neighbors call it
A night

(93 characters incl. spaces)



climbing into the rowboat
he removes the slipknot
and on a lake of glass
I watch the ripples
the oars make

(106 characters incl. spaces)



My glass sits
empty, but light still
touches it.
As time slides
underneath ourselves.
How dare we wish
this moment
ring eternal.

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Vase Salesman

salesman puts vase on glass.
It leaves marks!,
a curvilinear scar.
behind, the window gleams
of curly patterns and shed hair.

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