Thoughts Of Ghosts

Dancing In The Night
Like A Proud Knight
Queen Of The Palace
King Of The Horses
look into the Clouds
Smell Of Blood
Smell Of Sheep
wondering the pastures

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#unquiet spirits

I wait, stay up late,
listen for the creak of
the unquiet spirits
that tell me
to swim upstream
and listen
to what I used to know

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Our ghosts will laugh at the memory of us
feeling so breathless around each other.

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eerily delayed

ghosts underground
passengers forever delayed
in books unread
desire across carriages
between stops, in
unmanned ticket booths, ghosts

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Nightmare Regression

Waking up to spend a day followed by a ghost
The nightmare was in full horrific colour
Cursed to be forever haunted?
Perhaps I just need new pastures?

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