Who Won The Toss?

Few things remain in mind, which need to be recalled again with time
Rules of the game they don’t change
Better continue playing keeping the same thing in mind.

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The Game Begins

Let’s play the game, played between two people
At the end of game one will win and one will lose
Never underestimate the force, which is dormant during routine.

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United We Stand

One by one each one of you needs to understand and also realize that everyone of you belongs to the team
It’s always team effort that will make us win the game.

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The game continues

Winning and losing has always been part of the game
Sometimes you win
Sometimes lose
The game continues
If not you, then later on after you,
the game continues

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It’s Part of the Game

Winning and losing has always remained a part of the game
Sometimes you win
Sometimes you lose
As the game continues
Since everything moves accordingly in life

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I’ve played that game

And I’ve played a snare drum
And I’ve played inbox checking, checking, checking

And I’ve played the fool again

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Wall of Glass

A wall of glass
can fool a foe
by fragile look
will stand each blow
just as a heart
when made of same
is battling
a cheater’s game.

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A Game Of Wits

He thinks of her.
Tries to forget.
Wonders why
They ever met.
Whirlwind romance.
Ended fast.
A game of wits,
He was outclassed.

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