v a l u e s

i would rather walk this world alone then with people who value our friendship.

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Lost Friendship

I forget
how far I’ve come
from crushed petals
on cold concrete
after commencement
til I #reach for you again,
a dream across the chasm

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Rippled smiles of ice creamed faces
Linger as a splashing grin
It struggles, bobbing to the surface
For to all see, always within

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Camino Calling

In the early morning
I long to feel soft fingers
on my shoulder
calling me
To rise
& walk with friends
To laugh
to cry
& to know
my soul is no longer on hold

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Note to My Friend

The next time
you think
I should be hit
by a bus…
Just tell me to jump
So my last thoughts
won’t be
of the friend
Who threw me under.
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