And I was Freed

That night we danced from dusk til dawn,
etched on my mind for ever more.
Like a master, playing my puppet strings
you taught me to dance til my soul grew wings

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I heard the news today. Knowing that you left for good,made me as happy as a patient finally set free from the asylum.

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land of malls
and Coke
and greasy burgers,
means doing your thing.
Will it ever mean
going within
to find
the quiet place,
to be still?

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The escape she had wanted
Had her running from pillar to post,
In a world that cages even innocence
Her ensnarement only drew close.

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Endless chants
The morning rush beckons
The suited army commences battle
The stupid against the ignorant
The fight for common sense
This is war
This is humanity

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