He conquers who endures

Desire and dreams follow the way of getting things done,
more than often approach and attitude make a big difference when it comes to getting success.

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Things To Do

Written on a piece of paper are things to do, priorities to follow
Not only of prestige and importance is the piece of paper, but also it has got a great value.

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Line of Action

Always follow what’s going on in your mind
Keep a track of it
Make a note
Synchronize and sort out everything
Once done, then take the desired line of action.

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the dog walks
in and out
of the shadows..
following his
nose to the sun…

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Uncertain Times

In wake of an uncertainty, that’s been there since a long time, it’s better to get hold of something, which is substantially certain
Soon the rest will follow.

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When the wounded heart bleeds,
Follow the trail of blood
And see where it leads you.
Do not resist,
Silently follow
It knows this path well.

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