Falling slow
in motion
like the ocean
rolling waves
splashing crashing
over & over
currents undertow
coming back
w/ the flow

(125 Characters incl spaces)


Flooding River

Slow and serpentine
The river knows its place.
But now the rains come
And the river shows no respect.

(101 Characters incl spaces)


A, be, see

A pool of mystery A loop of symmetry
Be the flow only Be the wolf lonely
See from tor patently See rot morph patiently

(142 Characters incl spaces)



Emotions ebb and flow, my spirit grows in the sun, my soul remains steadfast quietly observing.

(95 characters incl. spaces)


Union Of Hearts.

You are the shore
I am the sea
The waves, our love
which rush endlessly
The foam, my kisses
which caress the sand
as I flow to meet you
and hold your hand

(154 characters incl. spaces)