I hear greatness calling me.
Her voice enchanting in my ears.
Forget your fears, she says to me.
I hear greatness calling me.

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And Another

Unstoppable forces
Of clock handles
The stagnant stare of time
Fear stricken girls
Boys with wooden swords
Make believe love &unspoken words

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Honesty, an unfamiliar concept
in this media savvy age

in conversation he used
economical words,

she heard honesty lost to fear.

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Borders on

You stand on a border,
somewhere between reality
and a film set. You wonder
what dad and grandad,
as a hero, felt, at the border

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The word Secrets spikes interest,
curiosity, doubt and fear.
Though the only real secrets are the ones we never hear

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My own drums
My own dance
The world doesn’t hear
Or understand your fear
so dance, just dance

(93 characters incl. spaces)