Dark Waves

paddling into the dark waves
tower of uncertainty before me
fear & emptiness creeps in
giving in to fear, the original sin
but your love lets me again see

(146 characters incl. spaces)


And counting

Numbers are after me
four follows and pushes
seven is a bully
ten thousand troubles me
numbers nightmares and subtraction
until zero

(135 characters incl. spaces)



to speak (heart
that mind holds
back for lightning

strike to rip me
from life and planet
again alone) afraid

(109 characters incl. spaces)



Fear is a stalker
it hides at the corner
of your heart like a predator
it cracks and crashes the heart
like a damaged disc

(122 characters incl. spaces)



They crawled out, like nightmares spilling into the moonlit night. He screamed while they devoured him and all the dreams within him.

(138 characters incl. spaces)


Where Shadows Go

where shadows go
I follow
but hopeful
filled with desire
ever searching for
my last lost love

(121 characters incl. spaces)