Time flies so fast

Refined, refrained, refreshed is present moment with regards to everything that happend in past
Still the present moment in time will not long last
Time flies.

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Whispers in the wind
Cast love’s spell upon her
Black lace unravels #fast
Falling, Falling

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our time
a flame fast spent
my fault, I fast
in sorrow to repent
it was not carelessly
I lent my heart
I gave it for life
held fast

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A Hard Fate

The wolves all day
Pursued my sleigh
My team was fast
But could not last
This beastly night
I died in sight
Of hearth and light

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I move too fast
just out of your grasp
Your look surprised
Don’t surmise
The mind behind
These eyes

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Blazing fast uncertainty
No one knows
What’s next
and what is it gonna be

After all, the story
You and me, wishing
life the best.

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