how tender
this morning light ..
falling on the petals
of the hyacinth…

(73 Characters incl spaces)



The light of day
makes gentle play
for icicles on the brink;
of darting to earth
& severing ties
like comets
or broken hearts.

(127 Characters incl spaces)



When it is difficult to find out the reason for things not falling in place
Introspection becomes the need of hour
Everything is not so simple in life, for sure

(160 characters incl. spaces)



There is no floor here
Just a new kind of falling
and suddenly I’m falling
from two thousand feet
and unable to breathe
without you

(108 characters incl. spaces)



the sun came out
as the snow was falling..
scattering glitter

(75 characters incl. spaces)


River Morning

morning haze upon the river..
ducks glide by
as I sit beneath the willow
falling into a dream…

(97 characters incl. spaces)