I gaze at the stars.
Twinkling in your eyes.

So near, like our hearts
on a dress, beating.

So sweet, like our lips,

So beautiful, like us.

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Bakelite (2)

She thought his eyes – looked so daringly
He thought her eyes – looked for him
Her words like tonic
Sparkling sparingly
He could have drowned
Inside her gin.

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hamster holiday

Taxi beep whilst still asleep
Squeaky wheels & plastic meals Sunny sun & summer fun
Tired eyes are no surprise

Another holiday to recover?

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Night Moves

how the night moves
turning violet to blue..
I see the moon
in your eyes
watching too…

(89 characters incl. spaces)


Fishing Boats

I watch the men
on the fishing boat
I am drawn to the
man with the beard
a smile on his kind face
& eyes that know me

(117 characters incl. spaces)



Green eyes gaze across
A blue sea to a red boat.
Grey matter painting.

(70 characters incl. spaces)