I’m the shadow of the man ahead of me
one day I’ll catch him, and that will be the end of me.

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It’s An Excuse

There is a reason for not doing the work
Reason cannot be a cause or purpose
Reason will always remain a reason till the end
Never give reasons, find a way out.

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Dreams of warm seas
And deep blue skies end with
The loud shrill of a bird having
A dream

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The sea

I love the sea
As metaphor
For bold beginnings
With uncertain ends
For fortune good or ill
Shipwreck or salvation
In every undertaking

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She knows not
for what she waits.
She has always
been waiting.
Does she wait for
her life to begin
or for her life to end?

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She told me she liked sunsets, this didn’t surprise me. She always did prefer endings rather than beginnings.

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End Poem

The greatest experience
And value of life
One inks at the end
Of the final breath
When he kisses
The warmth of death
Closing all his senses
In the light of darkness.

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