A very tall tale

Your tall story
(what a mighty fall)
and from the fragments
we found your passion, beating, flaming
and true.

(115 characters incl. spaces)

#micropoetry #veryshortstory


A spinning locomotion
A roller coaster up and down
The very thing we call emotion
We try to control but can’t be found.

(120 characters incl. spaces)


Where was I

Sex in heels
Just a sex symbol
His desires
With no emotion
Dark fantasies
In strange places
Where was I?

(117 characters incl. spaces)

#micropoetry #veryshortstory


Shoreline spuming white
wind ravening through waves
the night is wild with rain
echoing emotion
racking blacking brain

(119 characters incl. spaces)

#micropoetry #gogyohka

Grown Up

The little girl
rains emotion;
it floods her mind
while the woman
weeps. They
are one & the same:
a life life couldn’t tame.

(125 characters incl. spaces)

You whisper

u whispa
dis is a quiet town
i stare unemotional
@d groynes standn winswept
amidst d darknd turqoise tide
my pupils drip blk pigmnt
stainin ur f%tstps in d sand

(160 characters incl. spaces)