The Echo

He sees iris seas,
Once his. That
Smile, rebel’s reflection. Words dance
In images locked.
Cruelly blonde,
Lost never-mother.

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Your echo still reverberates deep in my soul,
the sound of it a constant hum.
I listen to the melody your echo sings to me
and become the lyrics to your song.

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Wondering while floating
in mill pond
the meaning of my life
as my heartbeats
echo’s in my mind

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An echo of rainbows , a primrose prism , painted the whole sky ,

reminded me of captivating gaze and lost dreams .

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Shoreline spuming white
wind ravening through waves
the night is wild with rain
echoing emotion
racking blacking brain

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#micropoetry #gogyohka


the bearded hero, november’s mask
hundred times without a blast,
fall boom, echo in an ear,
outsiders cheer freedom so near

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