The Earth moves slow
Deep sadness begins to grow
Steady tears just flow
Your eyes show
What my heart already knows
that you’re gone

(131 Characters incl spaces)


Seasons of Life

Glistening leaves washed by rain
Puddles where dry earth had lain
Seasons come and seasons go
Know that so does joy and woe

(125 Characters incl spaces)


Ocean’s Song

The ocean picked up,
The rhythm of its waves,
The moon started,
To sing with its rays,
The night played with the earth,
with its silent gaze.

(142 Characters incl spaces)


Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines really do meet
just over the horizon.
Walk the other way
around the Earth,
so u sneak up behind ’em.

(115 Characters incl spaces)


Take Me to An Escape

Take me to an escape
Where there is no violence
And no abrupt corruption
Where there is no war
And we can live
Without any interuptions
Take me to an escape

(159 Characters incl spaces)



The light of day
makes gentle play
for icicles on the brink;
of darting to earth
& severing ties
like comets
or broken hearts.

(127 Characters incl spaces)