They crawled out, like nightmares spilling into the moonlit night. He screamed while they devoured him and all the dreams within him.

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City summer

Wearing a suit in the park,
grass stained elbows
support a summer dreamer,
wishing he was elsewhere
Wearing a suit on the coast.

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Critical Dreams

Critical dreams
Spiraling nightmares
Rape, loot
Bigots at war
With peace loving
Societies striving
To achieve
Simple dreams

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Convincing dreams
Dreamt together
In metrocolor
Profoundly real, yet
Really superficial

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İf ur dreams in late mornings
U will not able to open ur eyes again ,
until ı close my eyes,
And you shall scorn yourself forever…
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Not forgotten

Some dreams can upset your day
of loved ones that have gone away
but at times they leave a yen
make you want to dream again.

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I dreamed I flew over
the White Cliffs of Dover
the Pyramids at Giza
The Seine
next day at dawn
the dream it was gone
I wish I could do it again

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