I can’t cement cracks
nor save the frames from collapse:
the wreck reveals the myth
I need not knit new dreams
if truth’s so cold and stingy

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In Dreams

“Day dreams can find inspiration for your goals.
At night in #sleep, dreams find inspiration from your soul”

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i don’t see you anymore

but i watch you in my dreams

it’s not as bad as it seems

but sadness consumes my core

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In night-dream’s arms
my breathing deep
& beating heart
together keep
this place of peace
& sweet caress
from long departed

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Each night
vessels of thought
as quick as
mercury spill over.
Some mornings
we wake empty
of those memories.

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Evening Dreams

Breezes whisper across my face,
Sunset of pinks & shades of blue,
Drifting away in the tide’s embrace,
Evening dreams always find you.

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