(bitter)sweet poison

sweet poison rushed through our veins
we were greater than all the gods
danced through the Milky Way
towards infinity and wrote holy kisses
into the universe of our artificial paradises

(185 Characters incl spaces)



Dream is………..

Unconscious fantasy and phantom,
Wakeful vision to touch the horizon,
Ongoing drama of life and death……

Within the realm of Conscious self.

(166 Characters incl spaces)



As night devours the day’s bright light
And bent, exhales the night,
Fine memories of those whom lived
Shall dance in dream’s fair sight.

(137 Characters incl spaces)


Vampire Fais Do-Do

Last night
Me and a giant
Charles Bukowski
With exaggerated
Facial features
Were hunting vampires
Outside some kind
Of dreamscape farm
During a Cajun
Fais Do-Do

(160 Characters incl spaces)


My Dying Breath

Seeping blood from my chest,
For your love was my dying breath.
Touching my angel wings,
As if it was all a dream…

(117 Characters incl spaces)


Life smiles

Every now & then same thing comes to mind,
remains for a while,
then goes away with time.
What if life was a dream & all dreams in life come true
Life smiles.

(158 Characters incl spaces)



Walls wait for words
Night never touches them
Children run out of their dreams

(78 Characters incl spaces)


Lux Interior

Geometry & Trigonometry
the decorum of Theorems,
couldn’t raise
my navel gaze,
so chose to ignore
and dream once more.

(120 Characters incl spaces)