Let Me

let me be your sunset
peach with a deep pink rose
as evening deepens
a tiny violet bruise

(91 Characters incl spaces)


What Wind?

Cement pier only five feet high. He
walked out and looking into deep, dark
troughs of whitecapped waves, and wondered what wind
turned the lake so rough.

(156 Characters incl spaces)


Into the deep

Into the deep
Blue darkening water
Cavernous but full gorged black
Sinuous life slides silently past
A world within
A world without
Alien, sleek

(153 characters incl. spaces)



Dreams of warm seas
And deep blue skies end with
The loud shrill of a bird having
A dream

(101 characters incl. spaces)



I’m sorry for looking
too far, too deep
making out
its for keeps

I’m only passing
through not hanging around
a trajectory unravelling
Seen but not found

(156 characters incl. spaces)